No doubt, that sounds very strange and difficult that a platform which offers videos, how you can download the music from there. But that’s been made possible. Are you stunned to listen to this?? Obviously, you would – that the downloading of only music from the YouTube platform has made possible with the invention of MP3 Converters like

What are MP3 Converters?

MP3 Converter is a tool that, either available online or you can also download and place it on your desktop, converts the video links from YouTube into the audio file by ripping out and extracting the music from the video. Then, you can use that audio file as a ringtone or add it to your favorite music collection.

Another method of enjoying the music from YouTube is to sign up for “YouTube Music” but that’s a paid plan for enjoying music from youtube.

But what’s the procedure to follow for free mp3 conversions using online websites? It also sounds a bit complex. To remove that complexity, we will explain the whole procedure here that how you can download the music from YouTube for windows.


There are a huge number of these free converters on the internet from which you can select anyone. But all these converters are not created equal or with the same features. Some are more powerful and faster than others and that’s the thing that puts a limitation on your selection.

But the online converters are very slow in conversion and full of annoying ads that will put you in a tight situation. That’s why we will explain to you here the process of download with such Media converters that convert the videos into any of your favorite formats without the access of ads and other lagging features.

 Use of YouTube Downloader Websites for Windows

Many sites offer the MP3 conversion. By using such sites e.g. MP3Skull,, and, you can convert the youtube videos into MP3.

Other than the MP3 format, you might see more options of output formats like 3GP, WEBM, MP4, and M4A.


The procedure of downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format from these online websites is very simple and convenient.

  1. Copy the URL from the video you are watching on YouTube.
  2. Go to any of the online converter websites by searching them on Google. For example, enter MP3skull in the search bar of Google and then click the search button. You will be redirected to the converter you are looking for.
  3. Once you enter the interface of the converter, there would be allocated space in front of you with the words “Paste URL here”.
  4. Paste the copied URL into that box and wait for the detection of the video.
  5. Once the video is detected through its link, it will appear below the URL box with different output formats.
  6. Now select your desired format e.g. MP3 or MP4 and click on the convert button and here you go with happy downloading of the audio or video file into your device.

How to download and convert the YouTube videos into MP3 for iPhone?

Downloading the videos in audio form into the iPhone is not that easy as it is in case of Android operating systems. It is because iPhones are not built for that kind of thing and works on the Apple store.

For that purpose to download the file in MP3, you have to do two things;

Here is a recommendation for you! So let’s go through the process of using the “Readdle” converter.


There are many other apps like Documents that can assist file downloading but as the result of our analysis, this “Readdle” worked the best, especially if you want to listen to the music while keeping your phone locked.


  1. Open the Documents and click the small browser icon on the bottom corner
  2. Now use any YouTube audio downloader or MP3Skull and search for the video you want to download as MP3.
  3. You can also paste the link directly into the box if you have posted it from anywhere like email, text message, the YouTube app, or your web browser.
  4. Press on the download option to save the audio file into your iPhone.
  5. When there is an option to rename the file and save it into the folder, enter the name and select the folder you want it to have.
  6. Click on the done option to save the MP3 file into your Apple device.

Wrapping Up;

In light of the above discussion, downloading and extracting mp3 files from YouTube is easy but that’s not the same easy case for iPhones. You need a little effort and strategy to download YouTube to MP3 files into your Apple device. We brought you that procedure here to make it easy, possible, and accessible for you.